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Training with a friend at the gym


It’s that time of the year again, January has passed and the summer is on its way. Yes that’s right, it’s time to dust the cobwebs off your running shoes, retrieve the Lycra from the back of your wardrobe and get yourself down to the gym! We all know that doing it alone can be challenging but with a friend it can be made fun and exciting. Headland Fitness Instructor Max tells us why it’s easier to achieve your fitness goals when you train with a friend…

“Training alongside a friend has its perks and advantages, it’s a great way to rekindle friendships or strengthen close ties but most importantly it is exciting, fun and very beneficial.” Says Max.

Below, are five good reasons as to why exercising with a friend might make your fitness goals easier to achieve: –


When starting any exercise programme, consistency is key. Some days it can be very tempting to skip a workout or simply make other plans. However, training alongside a friend will help to adopt a new level of commitment ensuring you stay consistent and on the right track to achieve both of your goals.

It can help add diversity and creativeness to your workouts

Going to the gym shouldn’t feel like it’s one of your daily chores, instead it should be a desired output that’s done to vitalise and energise your wellbeing. Training with a friend can give you the confidence to try and add new exercises to your routine, keeping things interesting and getting the most out of your workouts.

You are less likely to quit

‘Quitters never win, winners never quit’. By starting a 6-week challenge together, there is nothing more inspiring and fulfilling than seeing progress and feeling like your winning. Training with a friend gives you this support, to continue adhering to your training programme.

You motivate and push each other

It’s very easy to underperform and not maximise your personal bests when training on your own, having a friend alongside can increase competition and motivate you both through increasing performance and smashing targets. Seeing the both of you achieve certain goals like lifting heavier weights can be extremely inspiring and helps to maintain the training motivation throughout all your sessions together.

Recover together

Recovering from each workout is just as important as the workout itself. Staying healthy is important in and out of the gym and resting appropriately allows you to maintain an efficient training programme. You don’t get stronger from lifting weights, you get stronger by recovering from lifting weights. The first step is to warm down properly, either by stretching (you can do this as a pair) or doing some low-impact exercise such as swimming. Then, make sure you eat a substantial and balanced meal high in protein and carbohydrates, low in fats and sugars.

At The Headland Gym, there are various options for post-work-out-recovery. Try the leisure area for a soothing warm-down swim and our Cornish salt steam room and sauna will help to relax aching muscles. We also have three restaurants to choose from for your post-work-out-refuel; the Spa Lounge for light bites, The Terrace Restaurant for laid-back coastal dining then Samphire Restaurant for two-rosette awarded modern fine dining. And as a Headland Gym member, you get a discount in each of these eateries!

If you are a Headland member but don’t have a training buddy at the moment, then this is for you.. Refer a friend to The Headland Gym and we’ll reward you in the process, with a free Spa treatment for both you and your friend. Find out more about the rewards and the membership itself by clicking here and discover why The Headland Hotel is the perfect venue for you to let off some steam and burn away some calories!