The Headland Tradition: Five-Star Cornwall, Not Formal

The Headland Tradition: Five-Star Cornwall, Not Formal

The Headland Tradition: Five-Star Cornwall, Not Formal

The Headland: 'My Happy Place'

The Headland is a one-of-a-kind. It's more than a hotel in a wild, dramatic location. It has grand traditions and age old charm, but it also embraces the modern with a stunning Aqua Club and five-bubble-rated spa facilities.

It's all part of the same thing. Our aim has always been to create an atmosphere of relaxed luxury with excellent, approachable but unobtrusive service. We believe that you should arrive feeling welcomed, whoever you are. And you should leave rejuvenated, wherever you're going back to. That's what holidays are for.

This approach has established The Headland as a timeless destination for visitors worldwide, many of whom return every year. They return because it’s grand and it makes you feel special...but also because it’s never snobby and it’s designed to let you just be yourself.

The hotel that nearly never was

Since 1898, The Headland has been recognised as one of Cornwall’s most iconic hotels. But it had a very troubled start...

The Witches hotel

The Headland was the iconic location of the 1990 film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches’, renamed ‘Hotel Excelsior’ for the film. Every year it attracts legions of fans who want to see it for themselves first hand.

Award-winning hospitality

Everything we do at The Headland is aimed at offering the highest standards in the most relaxed atmosphere. We're proud of our team, who all work together to maintain standards. So it's lovely to get official recognition.

E-Bike Hire

With an E-Bike, the journey is part of the adventure and we want to help you explore our extraordinary county in an eco-friendly way.