Sustainability at The Headland


Our Commitment

We are dedicated to incorporating leading environmental practices and sustainability principles with ongoing goals.

View our sustainability policy here.

Sustainable Development Goals

We aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions for our energy use by 2050 and reduce supply chain emissions by 50% by 2050. Through collaboration with our team, guests, and suppliers, we will enhance daily operations and uphold environmental best practices, contributing to a circular economy and the long-term health of Cornwall's natural resources.


The Headland is very proud to now hold Bronze Benchmark EarthCheck Accreditation. The Headland have been committed to precise reporting from the start of our journey to becoming sustainable for future sustenance. We are committed to achieving continuous best environmental practice and social sustainability, considering responsible use of our planets and humanitarian resources. To ensure our commitment is accurately evidenced, we have partnered with EarthCheck, the world’s leading benchmarking and certification provider.

Meet The Team

Meet Olivia, our Sustainability Coordinator. Olivia’s holistic approach to human and environmental wellbeing is enriched by her ongoing passion and creativity. Through her continuous dedication to learning through practice, training, and research, she has cultivated a diverse range of ever-growing  knowledge. She is always learning and through every natural cycle she aims to gain knowledge that she can share with others.

With a deep understanding of both human biology, environmental science and holistic wellbeing, Olivia brings a unique perspective to her position as Sustainability Coordinator. Olivia crafts a personalised, dynamic perspective that integrate her understanding of the interconnectedness between individuals and their environment.

Driven by her belief that people and planet can coincide to achieve health and wellbeing, Olivia is dedicated to making a different at The Headland.