From Nature to Plate: RenMor's Sustainable Supplies Creating A Circular Economy

Restaurant RenMor prides itself on using the best quality produce, and carefully selects the suppliers they work with. Each plate is produced with thought and care, every meal is carefully selected to ensure excellent Cornish produce.  As we rely on the state of our planets’ land and oceans for long-term sustenance, The Headland Hotel takes care with every decision they make to ensure sustainability is at the forefront. After appointing a Sustainability Coordinator, the family run business owners want to ensure that they contribute to a circular economy within Cornwall. Considerations are not only on environmental preservation and regeneration, they are also on keeping the Cornish economy flowing all year round by spending the guest revenues back into the local economy. Supporting local livelihoods is just as important as environmental considerations.

On the menu currently is wild seabass caught in Newquay, Cornwall by Arthur and Adam from ‘Rod and Line’, a small scale Cornish fishery. The seabass was caught within national catch limits using a non-destructive fishing method of pole and line.  We also have roasted carrots, carrot top pesto and smoked turnips, created from produce grown in Newquay Orchard’s Market Garden. Newquay Orchard prides themselves in regenerative farming methods using no pesticides or heavy duty machinery that could harm the soil health. They aim to preserve the top 6 inches of soil to boost organic matter, that will preserve the health of the earth and ultimately us. This means that the menu is not only fresh, it boosts microbiota and gut health.

The aim of The Headland is always to work with nature and not against it. Creating a harmonious relationship between planet and people.