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What is crémant?

For several years champagne and prosecco have reigned supreme as the nation’s favourite choice of fizz, however, are the tides set to turn? And could crémant be the sparkling wine industry’s best-kept secret? If this is the first time you are hearing of crémant, we guarantee it will not be the last with its popularity ever-growing and a fantastic selection now available. Here is everything you need to know about champagne’s extremely delicious, highly refreshing, yet better value cousin.

Crémant originally referred to wines that were also from the Champagne region but had less fizz than regular champagne. Today, however, crémant refers to sparkling wines made outside of the region of Champagne, that still use the champagne method of fermenting in the bottle. Crémant wines must adhere to requirements such as manual harvesting of grapes, and a minimum of nine months ageing. All of this allows for an extremely high-quality taste, making crémant an extremely appealing alternative to champagne.

Crémant is currently produced in eight different wine regions, including Alsace, Bordeaux, Loire, Bourgogne and Jura. Crémant d’Alsace is by far the most prolific region, producing more than 50 per cent of all French crémant.


Crémant Vs Champagne? 

Both wines are produced using the same wine-producing methods and both hold similar notes of biscuit flavour. The history of champagne can be dated back to the 19th century, where champagnes were sweet, instead of dry. Crémant can still hold the same great quality champagne holds but is also almost always cheaper than champagne and generally thought to be just as good. Like most sparkling wines such as champagne and prosecco, crémant is sold ready to drink and doesn’t benefit from ageing post-purchase. Crémant compliments beautifully with fish and hard cheeses.

So, in summary, could crémant replace prosecco as the nation’s best-loved fizz? We see no reason why not, but for now why not buy a bottle and keep it your little secret.

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