‘You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf’

‘You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf’

Ocean Adventures with Surf Sanctuary

Tick off an ocean adventure on your bucket list and tame the waves. Fistral, the UK’s most famous surfing beach, is on our doorstep and The Surf Sanctuary, one of Newquay’s most respected surf schools is on our grounds with a wide variety of activities to choose from.

All coaches are highly accomplished local surfers with RLSS National Beach Lifeguard and ISA Surf Coach qualifications. They know how to strike the perfect balance between safety, coaching at the right level for your needs, and having fun! Prices include equipment hire. They schedule lesson times around the tides for the best experience. 

Book online here or email headland@surfsanctuary.co.uk. All lessons are subject to availability and conditions. Booking is strongly advised.


The Classic Coasteer

Jump, climb, swim, let the sea pick you up and take you for a ride...coasteering is an instant rush and you don’t need any experience, just a thirst for adventure. You will be kitted out with full safety gear and our guides will help traverse the stunning coastline around the headland. If you yearn to get your adrenaline pumping in a natural theme park or just want to explore the coastline from a different perspective, you’ll love coasteering.

Coasteering is an excellent way to build confidence in the water. It’s a very rewarding activity for those who are less familiar sea, as well as being a great setting for a family adventure.

  • 1 person £120 / 2 people £150 / 3 people £180 / 4 people £200
  • Great family experience
  • Suitable for ages 6 upwards
  • Two-hour experience
  • A wetsuit and personal protection equipment provided
  • Explore with experienced Surf Sanctuary guides

Snorkeling Tour

The most relaxed you can ever be! Not everyone knows this, but the snorkeling around Cornwall is beautiful.  During June and July, the ocean around Newquay is sparkling clear with visibility of more than 10 meters. Underwater, you can expect to come nose to nose with curious colourful wrasse, see silver flashes of bass over the kelp, watch spider crabs going about their business, and swim through swirling shoals of pilchards. Don’t be alarmed if the seal shows up; he’s just like a curious dog in a wetsuit. 

Let the currents gently drift you over the ever-changing world below.  No experience is necessary, though you will need to be comfortable with wearing a mask and snorkel and having your face in the water. 

  • 1 person £120 / 2 people £150 / 3 people £180 / 4 people £200
  • Suitable for ages 8 upwards
  • Full wetsuits, mask, snorkel, and fins provided
  • Two-hour experience
  • Explore underwater ecosystems and habitats

Rockpool Experience

Our location, nestled between Fistral and Towan Headland, is a treasure trove of natural rockpools, each a unique microcosm brimming with marine life. These biodiversity hotspots are not only educational, offering insights into marine biology and ecology, but also indicators of environmental health. Their rugged beauty, changing with the tides, provides a captivating, accessible experience for all.

Discover the resilience of life in these natural marine habitats, where the interplay of sea and land creates a breathtaking landscape, ideal for exploration and learning.

  • £30pp, under 16’s £20pp
  • 90-minute experience
  • Explore with an expert marine biologist
  • Available during half-term and summer holidays

Group Surf

Our group lessons are perfect for kids and families. We run low client-to-instructor ratios, so you'll get all the coaching and guidance you need as well as the freedom to experience surfing on your terms. 

These are friendly, accessible sessions but with our usual Surf Sanctuary standards of excellent coaching and service.

£60 per person

  • Age 8 upwards
  • Two-hour experience
  • We stratify group lessons according to age and experience
  • Maximum 6 clients per surf coach 
  • A wetsuit and surfboard provided
  • Available during school holidays 

Bespoke Surf

Our legendary Bespoke Surf sessions are the best short-course surf lessons available. These sessions are for individuals, couples, friends, and families who would like their own private surfing experience. There are no restrictions on age, ability, or aims.

We can offer you a wider choice of start times (maybe you'd like a sunrise or sundowner session?) and can provide a tailored learning environment.

Bespoke lessons are the best option for those who want to learn to surf.

  • 1 person £120 / 2 people £150 / 3 people £180 / 4 people £200
  • Available all year round
  • All equipment provided
  • Two-hour experience
  • The lesson tempo is set for you

SUP Tour

SUP touring is similar to cross-country skiing in that it can take you anywhere, effortlessly. However, unlike terrestrial exploration, every day on the water is completely different.

Right from our base at The Headland, we have excellent SUP touring around the 'Gazzle' area, and if that's too rough, the paradisiacal River Gannel is not far away. 

There is great pleasure in learning how to paddle in the natural elements of wind and tidal flow, discovering how to 'read' the conditions, and planning your route accordingly. 

Pack a drybag, activate GPS, check safety equipment, and find your own adventure.

  • 1 person £120 / 2 people £150 / 3 people £180 / 4 people £200
  • Ages 12 upwards
  • All equipment provided
  • Two-hour experience
  • Available all year round

Blue Gym

Embark on an exclusive outdoor gym experience at Fistral Beach, crafted for those seeking an adventurous twist to their morning workout. Led by a qualified personal trainer, this hour-long session blends mobility flows with dynamic bodyweight and weighted exercises, set against the backdrop of soft sand dunes and the Atlantic's refreshing touch. Conclude with an exhilarating shoreline dash, embodying a perfect fusion of wellness and the invigorating spirit of Cornwall's coastal beauty.

  • £15 pp, small group experience
  • Starts at 8am
  • Age 16 upwards
  • Bring active beachwear
  • Available during summer holidays

Ocean Confidence Course

The OCC is a unique course for Surf Sanctuary, built on a foundation of natural sciences, hard-won experience, and proven methods.

This course is for surfers and water users looking to improve their safety and performance in the sea. The programme is highly customisable and specific to you. We use a mix of classroom and practical elements that include sports psychology, ocean science, and water time to unlock your ocean potential.

  • 1 person £150 / 2 people £200 / 3 people / £230 / 4 People £250
  • Ages 12 upwards
  • All equipment provided
  • Three-hour experience
  • Available all year round

Guided Spearfishing

At Surf Sanctuary we offer a guiding shore-dive spearfishing experience. Our guides are brimming with local knowledge and will equip you with a full ‘spearo’ kit set up. 

Spearfishing in Cornwall involves factoring tides, winds, sea floors, habitats, visibility, and biotic components. A catch is not guaranteed (the local fishmonger is best for that!) but a beautiful dive through a stunning Cornish wilderness is assured with colourful wrasse, curious seals, thorn-back rays, and dogfish adding to the local culture.

Expect shore dives, shallow water hunting, and most of the life to be within 10m depth. Bass, open water mullet, and pollack are on offer along with plaice, red mullet, and cuttlefish. Bring home some wild Atlantic fish to the family and put the exclamation point on your holiday.

  • One to one £250
  • High-end speargun and dedicated spearfishing equipment provided
  • Learn how to catch and prepare wild fish for cooking
  • Land-based theory component and thorough water-based practical component
  • Four-hour experience

Atlantic Expedition

​Two-day ocean SUP experience. These courses are designed to set you firmly on the path to becoming an independent coastal water paddler. Be prepared to push your personal boundaries and meet physical and mental challenges above what you’d normally encounter on a sup lesson; but also enjoy far greater rewards that will remain with you forever. 

You will learn about how to paddle in various wind conditions, how to improve your balance in different sea states, how to choose a good touring route, and how to stay safe and think dynamically on the water. You’ll also gain an understanding of navigation, tides, weather systems, and passage planning.

  • One person £450 / Two people £600
  • Two 4-hour sessions over two days
  • Ocean touring SUP equipment provided
  • Learn passage planning, rescue techniques, and ocean safety
  • Experience two stunning coastal locations

Surf equipment rental

Surf Board hire: £20 full day

Wetsuit hire: £15 full day

Bodyboard: £10 full day

Book online here or email headland@surfsanctuary.co.uk. All lessons are subject to availability and conditions. Booking is strongly advised.