Spa Treatments

Relax in the hands of our highly trained therapists who will be able to advise you on the ideal treatment for you to suit your individual needs.

Headland Spa Signature Treatments

The Headland Spa is proud to introduce three exclusive new signature treatments. 



90 minutes | £99

Begin your relaxation experience with a foot cleanse & specialist reflexology massage. This will aid to release muscle tension through the whole of your back. This is followed by the skin being polished using The Headlands bespoke Cornish Sea Salt Scrub, and is complimented by a truly relaxing full body massage.

The second half of this signature treatment comes in the form of a facial incorporating a rich seaweed face mask that deep cleanses the skin and a head massage which lulls you whilst the mask sets. You will leave the Spa relaxed, rejuvenated and revived with the smoothest & most hydrated skin.



45 minutes | £55

The ultimate detoxifying bath treatment. Enjoy with another, be it friend or partner, or on your own. Slip in to a bath drawn for you by one of our professional therapists. Fresh bladderwrack seaweed, hand harvested from the Cornish shores, encourages your skin to detoxify as well as providing it with vitamins and minerals; you then select your favourite AFYNA body oil to make this the perfect luxury bathing experience. Whilst the skin detoxifies & absorbs nutrients from the seaweed you will be presented with a delicious smoothie containing fresh fruits and seaweed to boost your body’s metabolism; pure pampering inside and out!

At the end of your bath treatment apply an AFYNA body lotion of your choice to lock in the nutrients and boost your skins moisture levels.



30 minutes | £39

A perfect way to cleanse and polish your skin leaving you glowing and vibrant. The combination of fine Cornish Sea Salts and AFYNA oils give the perfect body polish rich in an abundance of trace elements to detox and re mineralise.

AFYNA Treatments


Rejuvenating Facial

60 minutes | £69

Designed to refresh the skin, leaving you looking and feeling radiant. Incorporates a face-lift massage and acupressure point techniques to alleviate the signs of ageing combined with a deeply hydrating face mask to leave your skin visibly smoother. Also eliminates congestion, returns moisture to the skin and restores luminosity.


Ultimate Relaxation

75 minutes | £85

Select an oil from AFYNA’s body range to be used during a flowing and rhythmic back, neck & shoulder massage. A rejuvenating facial follows - the ultimate relaxing and rejuvenating treatment.


Detoxifying Seaweed Facial

60 minutes | £69

Begins by using AFYNA’s facial range & incorporates a face mask, designed by us, using hand-harvested Cornish bladderwrack combined with Cornish clay, deeply detoxifying the skin. Meanwhile kombu seaweed eye patches hydrate the delicate eye area and a head massage relaxes you. Hydrating Irish moss patches are massaged over the skin to boost the skin's moisture levels.


Radiant & Relaxed

75 minutes | £85

A relaxing massage combined with an enlivening head to toe exfoliation leaves the body relaxed and the skin pristine and polished.  A mini facial cleanses and hydrates, while a head massage clears and calms.


Total Detox

75 minutes | £75

Tones and softens the body with gentle skin brushing, followed by massage using a detoxifying body oil, to hydrate, nourish and encourage the body to detoxify. A mini facial cleanses and hydrates, while a head massage clears and calms.

The Leisure Area

Those booking a treatment or attending a spa day can also use the leisure area free of charge, including a heated pool, Cornish salt steam room, Swedish sauna, aromatherapy showers and hot tub. Guests may wish to do so outside of our family swimming times to enhance their relaxing spa experience. Click here to view our swimming times.