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The 'Gold' award-winning Headland Spa is Cornwall's first 'Five Bubble' rated spa hotel and offers relaxing spa breaks and days on the beautiful north coast.



The Good Spa Guide awarded The Headland Spa the prestigious 5 Bubble rating.

See below for snippets of the fabulous review, or for the whole review please visit The Good Spa Guide.

What were the treatments like?

"Excellent. I had comprehensive, 80-minute routine that encompassed light body massage, body scrub, head massage and facial.

The whole routine was extraordinarily relaxing, more so than a deep-tissue massage allows you, for example. For the first time ever, I briefly went to sleep on a treatment-table (albeit only for a minute or so), which is very possibly the most relaxed I have ever been. There is a real sense that the therapist, is also a collaborative part of the massage too. You aren't just having something done to you, it's a fully participatory experience. The sounds played involve plenty of lapping water and the tolling of gentle bells, which makes for a much more hypnotic and involving experience than the usual Enya-type muzak."

We loved / we didn't love

We loved...

"The location, location, location. The spa has its own dedicated entrance on the beach-side of an extensively boutiqued Edwardian hotel. Waves gently crash out there, and for the summer they will be doing outdoor treatments. A perfect symbiosis of environment and spa atmosphere. Makes you realise the point of travelling for a spa. The antithesis of coming out of a London spa all rested and relaxed and then getting on the Tube."

We didn't love...

"There was nothing we didn't love about the Headland."

Welcome From Lucy Mingo, Spa Manager

Since joining The Headland Spa in June 2014 my main focus has been on creating the perfect client Spa journey.  This journey contains 3 main elements.

       • Welcoming - Become part of the family from the moment you arrive

       • Relaxing - The most tranquil and relaxing of environments for you to enjoy

       • Indulgent - The deliverance of treatments by highly trained and knowledgeable staff using sumptuous and luxurious products

The Headland Spa has been designed and built to the highest of standards making it a truly wonderful place to spend time in. Each team member has training delivered by professionals from renowned product houses such as Elemis, OPI and Kerstin Florian. All in all, these factors have come together in natural synergy to create the journey.

A key feature that really makes The Headland Spa something rather special are our unique treatment rooms, two of which are designed specifically for couples. The VIP suite adds a sense of luxury whilst the private Jacuzzi suite offers the ultimate in exquisite indulgence. It’s all about you and your time together at The Headland Spa

Now that you are in place, the journey of the Spa begins here …

Men’s spa questions answered

Is a Spa Experience Right For Me?

Of course! Increasing numbers of spas offer dedicated men's treatments or separate areas for guys, and the bill of fare usually reflects male tastes. In fact, very often, if you contrast and compare, you'll notice that the treatments themselves are not totally different from what the ladies may be having further along the corridor. That said, the scents are generally more manly. Think sandalwood, cloves, lime, perhaps a daring dash of peppermint. Nobody's going to think the worse of you if you smell like you've just had an extra-strong mint.

Will I feel awkward?

Not at all. You don't have to make cheery conversation during the treatments, like you do when you get your hair cut. It really is best to just lie back and think of England's chances in the World Cup. Or better still, think of nothing at all. It can help to close your eyes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a semi-dozing slumber. There is no more obvious sign, after all, that your body has entered a state of complete relaxation.

What treatments are there available for me?

Here at The Headland Spa we have put together  a specialist treatment designed by men, for men.
‘Tailored to You’ is targeted at soothing pains and aiding recovery. It has proven particularly effective at easing aching backs and releasing tension in overworked legs.

Read more about ‘Tailored  to You’

If you still feel a little nervous about visiting a spa, why not let your partner take you along? Couples massage can be a very bonding experience, plus you earn brownie points for doing something adventurous. It's all good.

Read more about Couple’s Massage

Christmas and New Year Spa Opening Times

Please note that the Spa will be open for treatments during the following times over the festive season:

Christmas Eve 9-6pm
Christmas Day 9-12pm
Boxing Day 9-6pm

New Year’s Eve  9-6pm
New Year’s Day  9-6pm

Spa Lounge

The colourful, appetising dishes on our spa menu can be enjoyed with a selection of healthy refreshments, including a range of tasty smoothies which can be enjoyed whilst admiring the stunning ocean views amongst the cool, fresh design of the Spa Lounge.

Click here to view our spa menu

Fancy something to share with a friend or that special someone? The Spa Lounge is now offering sharing nibbles platters for just £12...

Our Partners



Elemis has four key principles that are core to its philosophy:

* Defined by nature * Led by science * Treatment led * A personalised lifestyle prescription



Delilah was born out of friendship, a passion for cosmetics, and the desire to help women of all ages to look and feel beautiful.



OPI quotes: "Quite simply, we are  dedicated to excellence."



This iconic brand provides its users with a natural, streak-free tan...minus the orange tinge!



Since 1964, Thalgo Laboratories have been creating Marine Products for Spa and Beauty.


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