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A day in the life of a Bride and Groom at The Headland Hotel With Savannah

Every wedding here at The Headland is truly magical, from the effortless moments caught on our stunning coastline to those all-important speeches. At The Headland, we pride ourselves on creating truly perfect moments.

In 2018 Chris and Savannah Thompson tied the knot at The Headland and through the following Q&A they have kindly provided a fascinating insight into their special day.

Let’s start at the beginning, how did the proposal happen?

Every time Chris and I go to Newquay (roughly once or twice a year since we started dating), we indulge ourselves in the beautiful walk across Fistral Beach where he grew up playing in the surf every summer. We normally grab a couple of crab sandwiches from the Headland for the walk, then finish with a cold cider at the Stable. I had talked myself out of Chris proposing in perfect places at perfect times, so I was certainly not expecting what happened that cold evening in January. We climbed over the rocks of Little Fistral as the tide was coming in, where he’d set up a camera to take a nice picture of us as the sun went down. Sure enough, he was able to catch the entire proposal on camera and later revealed to me that his dad had proposed to his mum in nearly the same spot (how magical!).

Tell us about the wedding planning, the highs and the lows..

We knew we wouldn’t be able to plan our wedding in only a few months and wanted to get married in the summer, so we opted for the following year. Planning this far ahead was great because we could get nearly every venue, photographer, and detail we wanted. It also meant that we had plenty of time to save and spread out our payments, making the process of planning a wedding seem effortless. The Headland Hotel was an obvious choice for us. Chris’ mum was lucky enough to be born and raised here in Newquay and both of his parents had frequented The Headland during the summers that they had spent here. Not to mention the amazing views and the family history of proposing just outside!

From start to finish, the staff at The Headland were absolutely amazing, they accommodated all of our unusual requests, such as having “Poutine” as one of our late-night snacks to honour my Canadian roots. Lauren, our wedding coordinator at The Headland made me feel like royalty and not for one second on the big day did I feel panicked or concerned that anything would go wrong. Even when my now brother-in-law James, opened the door to the ballroom and let the wind blow the rose petals everywhere, Lauren was there to remedy the situation, while James blushed with embarrassment!

How did it go on the actual day?

The day of the wedding went by too quickly and I wish I could go back and watch it all again, from a distance. There were tears shed, jokes were made (sometimes at another’s expense), drinks were poured and poured again, and while I missed the Poutine, the Cornish Pasties were even better.

Did anything go wrong on the day? Any funny stories or mishaps?

Nothing went wrong but some things didn’t go to plan. I was surprised at myself for going with the flow so much and not sweating the small stuff. I had a million little details I wanted to get just right, but time and having to travel got in the way of some of those minor details. One thing we really wanted was to have our ceremony outside overlooking the ocean. While the sun was shining, the wind was uncooperative and so we opted to move inside in the end, so not have everyone blow off the cliff! The Headland reacted quickly to this last-minute request (I think they saw it coming!) and set up a space in their ballroom so we could get married in the window overlooking the ocean and Little Fistral beach where we got engaged. We did have our cocktail hour outside despite the weather, and pretty much everyone’s hair was ruined after that, including mine, but it was worth it!

What tips would you give to other couples who are planning their wedding day?

  • Soak up every second.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff (honestly!). Some people might notice the small details when they are there, but most won’t! With the big important day being so special, no one really notices when the hand painted shells you wanted didn’t make it. So, there is no need to lose any sleep over it.
  • Don’t skimp on the photographer. Sure, we lived in the moment but there was so much going on that we barely remember it. Getting our photos after we got back from our honeymoon was so exciting, our family and friends loved seeing them too. I’ve heard horror stories of couples with bad wedding photos, but we were very lucky as we got some fantastic shots.
  • Personalise your ceremony. Neither of us have religious backgrounds so we weren’t too bothered about having a religious ceremony. Instead we had our friend Marc marry us, a lovely personal touch and he was over the moon. He made it light, funny and regaled a few personal anecdotes. We shared so many emotions as we laughed and cried throughout the entire ceremony.

What did you wish you had known, before your wedding day?

How quickly the day goes by. Everyone had told us, but that never prepares you. In the days afterwards you don’t miss the planning or the stress, even the pressure to get everything right, but now, a few months after I wish I could go back and do it all again, but slower.

I also wish I had known how to act in front of the camera. We didn’t get any engagement shots done because we live in Canada, and I didn’t have enough time the week before the wedding, but I now see the point. I was very aware of the camera and felt I looked awkward in front of it – doing a shoot beforehand would have been a great coaching opportunity.

With hindsight, what do you think of The Headland as a wedding venue?

Getting married at The Headland Hotel was truly a magical experience that myself and Chris will cherish forever. The Headland is the most unique, elegant and picturesque venue to host such an important and unforgettable celebration. We’d definitely recommend it!

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