Accessibility Policy

The policy at The Headland Hotel, Cottages and Spa is to be as inclusive as possible to all guests. We are a non-discriminatory company and are delighted to welcome people with disabilities, both physical and learning.

We pride ourselves on providing access to all our guests.

We accept service dogs in all rooms and cottages, public areas, bar and restaurants. We invite them to join you free of charge to enable you to have a comfortable stay in Cornwall.

We have rooms suitable for wheelchair users. We have several rooms with much  larger than average walk in showers and with low lips. We have one bedroom that is fitted with alarms operated by a pull string next to the bed and in the bathroom, this is in addition to a wireless telephone with an emergency button. We have lifts to all floors.

There are a number of designated parking bays close to the front of The Hotel and Cottage Village. A slope has been constructed close to the front door of the hotel and staff entrances.

Where possible, all print is done in clear text. The website has been designed to be accessible for the visually impaired.

All dietary requirements are catered for.

We ask guests to advise us on any problems they may have in the event of an emergency evacuation, and please be assured that all members of staff will be advised of any assistance required in the event of an emergency. This will also aid reservations in ensuring they allocate the most appropriate accommodation to you for your comfort and enjoyment.

All hotel bedrooms and cottages have a telephone landline, so that assistance can be requested 24 hours a day if necessary.

We aim to offer excellent service to all our guests, and many of our staff have attended training covering issues relevant to our less-able guests.

The Headland Hotel is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience – regardless of ability or browsing technology and including those who have visual, hearing, motor and cognitive impairments.

The disabled restroom is located on the same floor as the main Reception area.
If you have any questions at all, please contact us or getting-here.

The Headland Hotel

There is a lift available to all floors including the swimming pool on the lower ground level, within the hotel and some bedrooms are suitable for wheelchair access – our Reservations staff are able to advise on this.

The front entrance of the Hotel is accessible via the ramp to the right of the steps. Once inside the building the Restaurant and the Terrace Restaurant are all on one level. Both rooms and The Spa can be accessed via a lift.

As you come into the entrance there are double doors to the right 1260 mm wide, either a Bellman, Day or Night Porter will be on hand to assist if needed.

Please download full hotel policy here.

The Headland Cottage Village

The paths around the Village have been improved to allow for easy access for wheelchair users or those with limited mobility.
As you come into the entrance there are double doors to the right 1260 mm wide, either a Bellman, Day or Night Porter will be on hand to assist if needed.
Please download full cottage policy here.

The Headland Spa

Accessibility Statement

The Headland Spa is a five bubble rated spa situated on the lower ground floor of Headland Hotel in Newquay, Cornwall.

Here at The Headland Spa, we recognise that being in such an environment can be daunting and overwhelming for many, let alone those with special requirements.

We hope this guide will go some way to alleviating your concerns.

We request that anyone making a booking informs us of any special requirements, or disabilities, whether they be physical or learning, to ensure we meet all personal needs.

We take equality legislation seriously and endeavor to provide all of our guests with the best possible experience.

The Headland Spa

The Headland Spa is situated on the coast overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Fistral Beach.

The Spa is approximately 1.2 miles from Newquay town Centre.

We have extensive parking at The Hotel including dedicated disabled parking at The Hotel’s front which can be reserved on request.

The front entrance of the hotel is accessible via the ramp to the right of the steps. Once inside the building the Reception, Restaurant and the Terrace Restaurant are all on one level whilst The Spa is on the lower ground floor accessible by lift.

The Spa is accessible via a lift from the main Reception area.

The lift is 800mm wide and you are able to turn around inside if in a wheelchair. Once in The Spa area there is a Reception desk where guests need to check in; the door will then be unlocked for you,

If you are going to use the pool you will travel to the changing rooms down the side of the pool; this is 1400mm wide. At the end you will find a more accessible changing room which is fitted with a shower seat and wet area with hand rails.

We have a designated dry area where you are able to get changed. Within this area there is a hair dryer supplied along with a costume dryer. An alarm is fitted for your safety which is connected to the Reception desk.

You will gain access to the pool via the ramp on the left where there are towels supplied for you.

If you are pregnant, have a known allergy, or suffer from a medical condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or have had cancer within the last 5 years, please consult your doctor. Following this advice, please notify us of any condition of which we should be aware, prior to completing your booking or if your medical condition subsequently changes after your booking has been made. We reserve the right to request and view a doctor’s letter prior to entering the Spa or providing a treatment on medical grounds or ask that you sign a disclaimer. There are First Aiders on site but no doctors or medically trained staff.

Please download full spa policy here.

Equipment hire

Please download full equipment hire here.

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