The Spa Lounge

Better food, a better mood...

An Ayurvedic influence

The Spa Lounge offers a healthy and inspiring menu of Ayurvedic influence, complementing the spa's philosophy of wellbeing. Ayurveda teaches that all major food groups and nutrients are represented in every meal in order to fulfill the body's needs. A variety of ingredients have been sourced to suit different body types with the aim to 'repair, rehydrate, relight and replenish'.


A 'superfood' selection

Superfoods can have a beneficial effect on one or more target areas in the body beyond the usual nutritional impact. Generally containing a high content of antioxidants, vitamins or other nutrients, our Spa Lounge menu has been created with a number of popular superfoods which can lead to an improved state of health and well-being. 

Our spa menu

The colourful, appetising dishes on our spa menu can be enjoyed with a selection of healthy refreshments, including a range of tasty smoothies which can be enjoyed whilst admiring the stunning ocean views amongst the cool, fresh design of the Spa Lounge.

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