The Headland Gym is a state-of-the-art facility set in a stunning location within Cornwall's only 'five bubble' rated spa.

Our Life Fitness gym

Life Fitness has provided a state of the art range of equipment for The Headland Gym.

Personal training packages will be available as well as a number of different membership options.

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Personal training

We have a number of different personal training packages designed to suit your different needs and fitness objectives. We will work with you to create a bespoke programme to achieve your personal goals, whether it's toning up, slimming down for your special day or getting a bikini body for a fabulous holiday we are here to help.

Personal training sessions are £30 per hour individually or £25 per hour for two or more sessions:

* Beginner programme

* Abs definition programme

* Ultimate arm workout

* Weight loss programme

* Complete body workout

* Muscle building programme

* Business travel workout

* Strength building programme

* Body toning for women

* Glutes definition plan

Call The Headland Gym on 01637 870200 for a show around and a chat with one of our team.

Morning Boot Camp

Tuesday 31st March and Saturday 4th April

Looking to kick start your summer fitness routine?

Why not join us for our 'Morning Bootcamp' sessions next week...?

The 45 minute outdoor boot camp sessions will run on Tuesday 31st March and Saturday 4th April from 7:15am and are for all abilities.

The classes will challenge your cardiovascular levels and strength by mixing dynamic bodyweight exercises with high intensity intervals to help you burn fat, lose weight and get stronger.

Free for Live Love Give members and residents. Just £6 per session for non-residents.

NB- Classes will run whatever the weather so please bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

Meet The Trainers



- Strength and fitness training, sports performance and competition
- Health, wellbeing and weight control
- IBS, intolerances and allergies

Personal trainer speciailties and fitness classes

- Sports specific training and conditioning
- Muscle definition and weight control
- Combined personal training sessions with nutritional advice


Additionally to my role at The Headland I am the Sports Scientist in an Elite Surfing Academy. We train and coach six of the UK’s best young Surfer’s. To keep them at the top of their game I take control of the fitness and conditioning as well as nutrition and hydration.

Further work experience includes training and nutritional work with:

  • Professional athletes in a variety of Sports (Including one recovering from major Surgery)
  • Clients focusing on health and wellbeing, weight loss , gain and control.
  • Clients coping with food intolerances, allergies, IBS and various other conditions.

When studying for my B.Sc. (Hons) Sports Performance & Coaching and HND Sports Science, I focused my studies on physiology and nutrition. My teaching experience lies with a variety of Sports but is primarily swimming and surfing. I have competed in surfing, mixed martial arts and strength and fitness training.

My Personal Experience

My own struggles with nutrition motivated me to research and study in my own time. Suffering with food intolerances growing up, I had to deal with extreme and varied symptoms. Trying doctors, NHS, private health care and alternative options; I learnt the only way to resolve my problem was through trial and error with my diet. Keeping records of everything I ate, drank and felt for five years, finally resulted in me narrowing down my intolerance to the exact amino acid.

Since gaining my full health, my life has been sensationally different! My main ambition at The Headland is to offer a service that helps people achieve their full health through nutritional changes and a healthy lifestyle.



My Personal Experience:

I wanted to get my career back on track after I had my daughter and wanted to do something I was passionate about, so decided to go back to college. I studied a CYQ Level 2 Course for Fitness Instructing. I found this new career path both exciting and stressful, but well worth it. My passion for fitness grew after I lost two stone on a well-known healthy eating programme. I feel I am now able to help others reach their goals and I love to see the improvements they have made.

In addition I am currently a Sports Massage Therapist here at The Headland.

My Current Qualifications:

CYQ Level 2 Fitness Instructor
CYQ Level 3 Personal Trainer And Nutrition Award
CYQ Level 2 Circuit Teacher Award
Level 2 Cardio Cycle
Level 2 Kettle Bells
VTCT Sports Massage Level 3
VTCT Sports Massage Level 4 – to be completed in June 2015

My Goals

CYQ Level 2 Award in Designing Programmes for Pre and Post Natal Women
CYQ Level 3 GP Exercise Referral Specialist
Pregnancy Massage
FDSC Sports Rehabilitation



My personal experience:

Having spent three years working within the health and fitness industry has greatly progressed my knowledge and experience in the area to help provide the finest and most effective service possible. Having done exercise programming for individuals with goals such as muscle building, fat burning, weight loss, general fitness, muscular rehabilitation and sports specific training, my knowledge and experience has become very broad and professional.

One key interests I have is the different training methods, the science behind them and how they each can help us to achieve our goals. This helps me apply this to training and also take out different elements for my own use!

I am excited to be working with The Headland and my aim is to find ways to continuously improve what we offer to our members to help them get the most out of their training! I hope to be running group fitness classes at The Headland offering a friendly but challenging class for all fitness levels.

My current qualifications:

- Exercise Referral( Management for persons with chronic conditions May 2015)
- Sports massage therapist (May 2015)
- Class instructor
- Fat burning and weight loss
- Muscular endurance
- Strength and conditioning
- Sport specific
- Rehabilitation